Is your computer not working as it should, do you suspect viruses are infecting your computer?  With many years of experience diagnosing viruses, Abacus Computers is ready to quickly analyze your situation and identify an infected computer. If your PC is not working as expected, then asking Abacus for a diagnosis is as simple as making a phone call. Abacus can quickly assess and prescribe the best solution for your problem. If a virus is involved, Abacus has the tools to isolate and eliminate them, in most cases without serious damage to your data.


Typical viruses can cause significant performance problems with your computer, and can frequently prevent you from working at all. Knowing that these viruses can readily be deleted is comforting, but it is vital that a trusted specialist carry out the work. In most cases all data can be carefully protected and preserved, and an Abacus specialty is the recovery of lost data. Repairs, if necessary, are performed quickly and at the least possible cost to the client.

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Abacus Computer Repair
238 Main street - Gloucester, Ma 01930